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Articles I Have Authored
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First Things First
Part 1 of 12
The whole reason God created us was so we could get to know Him and He us. The first step in getting to know someone is learn their name, and it stands to reason that God would want us to know His personal Name. So, does He ever tell us His Name?
Yes, He does.
The Creator's Name
In Proto-Sinaitic Pictographs

Part 2 of 12
In this document, we look at the Creator's Name as He scribed it in the ancient pictograph language of Proto-Sinaitic, a language of simple pictures. We discover that He tells us quite a lot about Himself and the purpose of His creation with just His Name alone. This article also lists the 5 terms and conditions of Yahowah's one and only, family-oriented Covenant with mankind, and it lists the 5 benefits of participating in the Covenant.
What In the World Is Going on Here?
Part 3 of 12
For some reason, we do not hear or see Yahowah's Name being spoken or used by the two major religions which claim to speak for Him! Instead, followers of Judaism and Christianity refer to Yahowah as "the Lord". Why is that?
Father and Friend, Not Lord and Master
Part 4 of 12
Our Creator wants to be our Father and our Friend; He has no interest at all in being our Lord and Master! All that sort of thing is the poison of religion and politics.
What Is His Son's Name?
Part 5 of 12
Surely you know! Or do you? Better read this!
Yahowah On Religion and Religious Leaders
Part 6 of 12
An examination of Yah Lifts Up / Yermiyahu / Jeremiah 23. You might want to be sitting down…
Come! Let Us Reason Together!
Part 7 of 12
Our Creator appeals to our intellect and reason. He does not want mindless fools who are full of "faith".
Where Does One Start?
Part 8 of 12
So how do we go about getting to know this personable, reasonable, and loving God person? Where do we actually start? What do we have to do?
Let's Keep Going!
Part 9 of 12
You've come this far, so press on!
Names Matter
Part 10 of 12
This document presents evidence that religious tradition has deliberately concealed the true Names of the Creator and His Useful and Beneficial Implement (i.e., His Ma'aseYah), and that religious leaders have for centuries misled and controlled the masses using made-up names, commandments, and traditions. And while they say it's all just splitting hairs and legalism, the truth is: Names Matter.
The Divine Placeholders
Part 11 of 12
This one will blow you away!
Are you ready for this? The Greek words for "God", "Christ", "cross", "Yahowsha (Iesous)", and other common terms found in today's Bibles never actually appear in the most ancient texts of the Later Writings, not even in the eyewitness accounts, or gospels. Instead, the authors used what we call "the divine placeholders". The Divine Placeholders were a set of special Greek characters which referred the reader back to the Hebrew Scriptures for clarification and pronunciation. They are well-known among translators, even those of the Roman Catholic abomination, who call them nomina sacra. But the translators have chosen to deliberately ignore the Divine Placeholders in order to follow the Roman Catholic tradition of removing the Ma'aseyah as far from His Hebrew roots as possible. Learn some startling facts about these invaluable tools Yahowah provided for us in the Historical Writings. Included are photos of the Divine Placeholders in selected Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as links to sites containing even more photos.
Living By the Word of Yahowah
Part 12 of 12
In this article I show that all we need is Yahowah's Word. Religion is a man-made system created to gain and keep control over the masses and to garner wealth and power for its leaders and for those governments which protect it.
Site Tips
Please be sure you read this article.
What will be required from you if you are to derive any benefit from the Bless Yahowah web site.
The Terms & Conditions of the Covenant The Terms and Conditions of Yahowah's one and only family-oriented Covenant and the benefits for those who choose to participate in it.
Regarding Meats This is part of the article on Yah's Feasts. It is that part of the 11th chapter of Called Out / Qara / Leviticus where Yahowah describes what animals we are and are not advised to eat.
Tips For Watching "Math Unveils The Truth! The Towrah Was Given By a Supreme Being!" on YouTube® The YouTube® video "Math Unveils the Truth! The Towrah Was Given By A Supreme Being!" contains some wonderful revelations from science and the world of mathematics. However, as with everything presented by religious folks, this video tries to cram their dishonest and misinformed claptrap down our throats. This video's producer would have us accept it as fact that the Jews are to be credited with bringing us the Towrah.
So, while viewing this admittedly marvelous movie, you may want to consider the following corrections and clarifications to the commentary. I would like to thank Jacquelyn, an anonymous and tirelessly helpful sister in Yahowah's Covenant Family, for helping me organize these thoughts.
"Eat Whatever is Set Before You" A penetrating examination of Words / Dabarim / Deuteronomy 12:1-4, 7, & 14-16, where Yahowah explains that it is religious connections which contaminate the animals we are and are not advised to eat.
Yes, some animals, especially swine, are inherently filthy. My personal opinion is that they should not be eaten regularly if at all. But Yahowah's words are clear on the matter, and they explain why Yahowsha declared to His specially prepared envoys when He sent them out, "Eat whatever is set before you."
The document provides links to local archives from a couple of© discussion broadcasts which you don't want to miss.
America's Role In Prophecy Yahowah is going to exact a terrible vengeance on the United States of America. He tells us why and how in these two breathtaking chapters from YashaYah, the prophet erroneously called "Isaiah" by most of the English-speaking world.
Psalm 91 Psalm 91 as translated by Yada (with amplifications).
The 119th Psalm The 119th Psalm as translated by Yada with the amplifications and Hebrew words removed.
Knowing the Times
Re-Examining Matthew 24:36
Yahowsha allegedly declared that no one, not even the heavenly messengers nor He Himself, knows when He's coming back, that only the Father knows.
Did He really say that?
Also contains a Prophetic Chronological Chart.
The Seven Instructions Christians blather about "The 10 Commandments". Talmuddic Jews declare there are over 630 laws in Yahowah's Teachings. The truth is, there isn't a single command in the entirety of Yahowah's Teachings (which is what the Hebrew word, Towrah, really means). In this article you will find Yahowah's 7 instructions prefaced by His 3 general statements.
The Feasts of Yahowah This article provides a brief introduction to the feasts established by Yahowah, feasts which He has invited us to attend and participate in forever. Included is a table listing the feasts with links and references to Yah's Teachings.
On Mormonism The sole purpose of my Bless Yahowah web site is to provide sincere truth seekers with verifiable evidence which they can then use to make informed, rational decisions concerning the fate of their souls. In that spirit, I present to you the following scans of a letter I received from the Smithsonian Institute's National Museum of Natural History regarding my inquiry about the historical accuracy of claims made in The Book of Mormon. May you find it helpful.
Reconsidering Christmas In this document I present proof that Yahowsha was not born on December 25th, and I further set forth proofs that the Christmas celebration actually honors false gods (i.e., demons). Which means that Yahowsha, the Son of Yahowah, has no association whatsoever with Christmas or any other Christian "holy" day.
I Will Take Nothing! I do not solicit nor will I accept any support for the Bless Yahowah web site. This document, which takes an inside look at Yahowah's attitude towards greed, will let you know why.
To All Pupils of Religion A message from our heavenly Father through His prophet YirmeYah, aka Jeremiah, regarding those who claim to be speaking His message and those who pay them mind.
Name That Creator!
Absolute Must-Read Article
It is written, "What is His Name or His Son's Name? Surely you know!" And again, "I am Yahowah your God, the Set-Apart One of Yisra'el, your Savior."
Titles vs. the Name In this brief article I demonstrate the differences between the various titles for the Creator and His one and only revealed Name.
Yahowah's Seven Step Plan of Salvation This short article presents the correlation between Yahowah's Called-Out Assemblies and His plan of salvation.  Included is a list of the seven steps, each with its corresponding feast.
The Hebrew Alef-Bet A table of the Hebrew Alef-Bet (or, alphabet) for the reader's convenience.
Study Resources A list of helpful Scripture study resources provided for the reader's convenience.
All Alone A look at the dangers of going it all alone as recorded in Judges 17 & 18.
Lamentations 3 This is the 3rd chapter of the Lamentations of Yirmeyah (Jeremiah). It is so rich that I feel compelled to put the whole thing right here.
The Protocols of the New World Order Is there really a Master Plan for the deliberate destruction of civilization as we know it and the establishment of a New World Order? Yes, there is. It has been known and published in various forms since the 1780s.


Other Articles & Media
Available Here
Links to works and archived copies of works written or recorded by someone other than me.
NOTE: Everything on my web site is free. Moreover, there are no forms to fill out and I never ask that you interact with me in any way, ever.

Blog Talk Radio©
Sabbath Discussion Archives

– with various Yahuwdym
The Blog Talk Radio© Friday evening Sabbath discussions arranged chronologically for your convenience.
“Observations For Our Times” Craig's new book, "Observations For Our Times". So far, only Volume One is finished.
“Observations For Our Times”
Broadcast Archives

– with Craig, Scott, Kirk, and Larry
Craig's "Observations for Our times" programs which began airing on December 24, 2015. Listen in as Craig is joined by Scott Burdick, Larry Hendricks, and Kirk Miller for lively discussions focused on how Yahowah's words from thousands of years ago exactly detail today's nations and events!
Shattering Myths Archives
– with Yada and various guests and callers
Yada's "Shattering Myths" programs which originally aired on from July 23, 2012 through November 20, 2015. I have added program descriptions and edited out the commercials and news breaks.
Power on High
– provided by Frank & Dianne Forrest
A web site with links to documents that, according to the web site's owner, "have been read and edited by Yahowdym Family members for correctness according to The Towrah" or "Documents and pictures by Yahowdym we feel important to the Family."
An Introduction to God
– by Yada
Who Is God and What Does He Want?
"An Introduction to God" is a crucial document for anyone who really wants to know Who our God is and what He wants from us. It was authored by Yada for one of his sons.
The goal is that you perform your own due diligence, that you do your own homework and verify for yourself every single thing you read in "An Introduction to God". (In fact, you really ought to do this with everything else on this site and on every other site on the Internet!) You have to do this for yourself so that you will know what you know and why you know it.
Never take anyone else's word about anything related to your soul: always check it out for yourself. It's the only way you can protect yourself from being deceived.
Here is what author Yada, obviously a pseudonym, says to whoever reads his admittedly lengthy document:
"Should you be able to endure this level of detail, should you be willing to invest the time required to examine the overwhelming number of connections and associations God has made, contemplating the symbols and metaphors which permeate His every thought, you will come to 'yada - know' Yahowah. Should you be able to open your mind, to alter your perspective, and change your thinking, you will come to know the source of everything which exists as He revealed Himself. What's more, you will be properly prepared to capitalize upon Yahowah's Covenant Relationship, including the plan of salvation which makes it possible for us to live in God's presence."
Yada Yah
– by Yada
Knowing God
"Yada Yah", a genuine masterpiece, is huge. "Yada" is a Hebrew word that means "knowing". "Yada Yah", therefore, is all about getting to know Yahowah, the Creator of the universe.
We come to know Yahowah by reading and carefully considering His Word, i.e., the Towrah, Prophets, and Psalms. If you are truly interested in learning what Yahowah's Teachings, Prophets, and Songs (or Psalms) really say, then you do not want to let yourself miss this awesome work with its incredibly detailed translations of the original Hebrew.
Hebrew is the language Yahowah created for communicating with mankind, so knowing what He sought to convey is critical. This book provides an excellent resource for us to use as we seek to learn what He really says to us in His Word.
Spoiler Alert: your commercial translation of Yahowah's Word is deliberately errant, the translators know/knew it, its publisher knows it, and your religious clerics know it (or should, if they're doing their job at all).
The Seven Instructions
– by Yada
Condensed material from Yada's BlogTalk Radio programs, these MP3 audio files are definitely worth your time.
Mistakenly called the Ten Commandments by the vast majority of people, the Scripture passages under inspection really consist of Yahowah's three declarations regarding Who He is and what He wants, and the subsequent seven instructions which detail how we can live our lives in a way that will please Him. Yahowah Himself wrote these three statements and seven instructions with His own finger on two tablets that He personally handed to Moshe. The ten recordings on this page consist of only the Scripture lessons themselves—I have edited out Yada's news commentaries for the sake of focus.
Questioning Paul
– by Yada
With "Questioning Paul", Yada brings the laser-sharp focus of Yahowah's Word to bear on the self-appointed "Apostle to the Gentiles".
If you are a Christian of any flavor, I challenge you to read this entire book. As far as we know, no one has ever remained a Christian who has actually read all of "Questioning Paul". That is a step in the right direction, because we can never come to know Yahowah until we turn our backs on religion.
Please do not ignore this God-given opportunity to learn the truth about one of the most evil and influential men who ever lived.
Observations for Our Times
– by Yada
Yada examines Yahowah's advice and declarations regarding the current global situation. This is a work in progress; I will post updates as they are made available to me.
Prophet of Doom
Islam's Terrorist Dogma
in Muhammad's Own Words

– by Yada
In my opinion, "Prophet of Doom" is inarguably the world's most thoroughly researched and documented exposé ever to be offered to the public of the religious and political criminal enterprise known as Islam.
Every rational human being needs to read this impressive work right now, today, because the threat Islam poses to the citizens of the world is sickeningly real. And for whatever inexcusable reason, national governments the world over are forcing their citizens to embrace Muslims as harmless, helpless immigrants, putting the lives and property of their citizens in mortal danger.
Winston Churchill wrote in his book, “The River War”, “Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities…but the influence of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Mohammedanism has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step. How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries. Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property–either as a child, a wife, or a concubine–must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.”
Read "Prophet of Doom" to learn why Sir Winston wrote that scathing indictment.
Yom Kippurim
Yahowah's Day of Reconciliations

– by Yada
This article, which began as an email to me from Craig, is a study guide for a Blog Talk Radio© Sabbath discussion broadcast. I have formatted it for this site
Islam: The Religion of Peace
"I have been made victorious through terror."
  —  Muhammad
Up to the minute updates on Muslim violence worldwide, with copious documentation and links to the Islamic "scriptures" which authorize and actually command that violence from every obedient Muslim.
– by James & Patty Bowen
James & Patty Bowen examine every instance of the Hebrew word, namal, which in English is "circumcise". Included in their searches are instances of derivatives such as arel, "uncircumcised".
This is a wonderful word study and reveals how the richness and beauty of Yahowah's Word has been stripped and otherwise hidden from us by religion's clerics and translators.
Who Was Melchizedek?
– by Yada and James
During one of the Shabbat broadcasts (from BlogTalkRadio), Yada reveals that MalakiZedek is a title, not a name. You do not want to let yourself miss this extraordinary discussion between Yada and James.

YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew = יהוה = ee-ah-oh-ah = Yahowah

Song / Mizmowr / Psalm 19:7
Yahowah's Towrah is complete and entirely perfect, returning and restoring the soul. Yahowah's testimony is trustworthy and reliable, making understanding and obtaining wisdom simple for the open-minded and receptive.
Yahowah's (YHWH in Paleo-Hebrew, 66x21 - יהוה) Towrah (torah — teaching, guidance, direction, and instruction) is complete and entirely perfect (tamym — without defect, lacking nothing, correct, genuine, right, helpful, beneficial, and true), returning and restoring (suwb — transforming) the soul (nepesh — consciousness). Yahowah's testimony ('eduwth — restoring and eternal witness) is trustworthy and reliable ('aman — verifiable, confirming, supportive, and establishing), making understanding and obtaining wisdom (hakam — educating and enlightening oneself to the point of comprehension) simple for the open-minded and receptive (pethy — easy for those who are receptive).
Because Yahowah's Towrah is "complete and perfect", there was no need for a "New Testament". Because Yahowah's Towrah is entirely capable of "returning and restoring the soul", the Christian Apostle Paulos lied when he declared that She, the Towrah, can't save. If you want to live forever with Yahowah, our Creator, flee religion and embrace Yahowah's one and only family-oriented Covenant, which is presented only in His Towrah!

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